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Reg Price: $42.99 Sale Price: $19.99


The 4-DVD box set and CD Soundtrack of the complete first season of Pure Pwnage™!

DVD Includes:

  • All 12 epsiodes in full DVD quality
  • Commentary tracks
  • Subtitles in 12 languages
  • Full disc of special features including:
    • Cast Interviews
    • Bloopers, outtakes and extra scenes
    • E3 Special
    • and more!

The DVD's are in NTSC format and are encoded to play in ALL regions.

The Pure Pwnage Season 1 original CD soundtrack contains 70 minutes of the full versions of all your favourite tunes, digitally re-masterered:

  • I wanna be your gamer girl
  • teh n00b song
  • I feel like pwning n00bs
  • If one wants to truly pwn...
  • Rain Snow Sleet Hail
  • Building a computer
  • Nascent
  • Get outa myspace
  • Bacon
  • Pure Pwnage theme
  • FPS_Doug's them ep8 remix
  • teh n00b song (kazoo version)
  • Deathstryker6666 theme
  • Doug walks
  • Epic Tetris ("Korobeiniki" remixed)
  • The Day Before The Day Before
  • Elvis 6
  • Lost to a n00b
  • I feel like pwning n00bs ep12 (reprise)
  • World of Warcraft is a feeling
  • Fine coffee
  • Dave WTF BBQ
  • Just twist the knife
  • the spy's theme
  • FPS_Doug's theme
  • I'm a gamer
  • Blender
  • How do you pwn so much?
  • Join my game
  • Once again
  • Dave China suite
  • "||Ginisia" (Cricket)

The full soundtrack and individual songs can also be purchased on iTunes.

MP3 samples and Lyrics are can be downloaded here

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