the noobstore - Official Pure Pwnage Merchandise

Product Ideas

$100 worth of stuff from the noobstore!

Send us your designs, and if we use it in a noobstore product you will recieve a voucher for $100 worth of noobstore merchandise! Typically, designs would be artwork for use on:

  • T-Shirts and Hoodies
  • Caps and Toques
  • Stickers, buttons, etc

We also welcome suggestions for new products, however we usually do not compensate suggestions without accompanying artwork.

Can I use Pure Pwnage iconography and images?

You are free to use existing Pure Pwnage "iconography" or you may create your own from scratch, however please note that any submissions that are based on existing Pure Pwnage product designs, concepts, or characters are ALREADY the intellectual property of ROFLMAO Productions. However, you would still qualify to receive the $100 coupon for coming up with a new way to use them.

Preference will by given to unique and creative submissions that are not similar to any existing products. In this case, these designs remain your intellectual property until such time that it is selected by us and you have been compensated.

Who selects the designs?

All submissions are personally reviewed and selected by Jeremy.

Will I receive ongoing royalty payments if my design is selected?

No, you will only be compensated with a single USD $100 coupon for use at the noobstore.

How do I submit a design?

Send your product design ideas or images to ideas submissions email address. All images should be sent as a small .jpg or .gif email attachment. If your design is selected we will require high resolution or vector based source artwork.

Although we appreciate the efforts of all artists, our acceptance standards are very high so if you haven't heard back from us in 2 weeks, then your submission has not been selected, but feel free to continue submitting other designs.


By submitting a design or project suggestion, you understand and acknowledge that ROFLMAO Productions may create or may have created products which are similar or identical to your submission, and that no presumption of copying shall arise or be asserted. You agree to waive all rights in the design or the product suggestion as they relate to ROFLMAO Productions, subject only to the information provided above.

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