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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to create an account to buy stuff?
Why does the URL change to when I view my shopping cart?
What T-Shirt sizes are normally available?
Can I order out-of-stock items?
Can I send my Fan-in-Action photo to you?


Where do you ship from?
What locations do you ship to?
What do you charge for shipping?
Can I track the delivery of my order?
When will my order arrive?
How is my order packaged for shipping?
Do I have to pay import duty?


What payment methods do you accept?
What merchant name will appear on my credit card charge?
Do I have to pay sales tax?
Can I place an order by regular mail?
What is your return/exchange policy?
Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases?


Will Dave deliver my package personally?
Does Jeremy actually ball rub the T-Shirts?

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