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Where did the noobstore come from?

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The noobstore began as an offshoot on the website of the hit Internet TV show Pure Pwnage in August 2004. Pure Pwnage satirizes online gaming culture through the portrayal of the life of a self-proclaimed professional video game player named Jeremy.

As episodes of Pure Pwnage are distributed online for free, the producers (Kyle and Jeremy) needed a way to pay for upgrading their noob production equipment to more pro stuff, as well as paying for Dave's 5 bowls of rice per day.

It's thanks to the legion of fans who have bought thousands of T-shirts over the years who keep the show alive and help to make the world less n00b.

So who runs the noobstore?

The noobstore is run by the cast and crew of Pure Pwnage when they are not busy filming.

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